Sad Friendship Quotes That Make You Cry

Sad Friendship Quotes That are Sure to Make You Cry

Sad Friendship Quotes That Make You Cry
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Are you looking for sad friendship quotes that will make you cry? Here we have got you a collection if such quotes and messages that will help you to express what you are feeling deep inside.

Sad Friendship Quotes That Make You Cry

Friendship is considered as the  blessing of life bit not always. Yes not always! Its not easy to find real friends these days. Most of your friends stay with you in your good time and leave you alone in the dark and worst parts of life. But when a person comes to know that your friend is not being real to you, it hurts! It hurts even more than a love relationship. You feel yourselfcompletely lost when your friendship breaks. In this article you will get sad  friendship quotes that will make you cry.

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  • Friendship is just like a glass. Once broken, it can’t be fixed.
  • Its not easy for me to believe that you have really changed!
  • I am crying not because I am wrong, but just because you have changed!
  • Seriously you are not here!  I miss you so much.
  • When you left me I felt as if one of my parts are gone.
  • You always took me for granted in your life, friend..
  • I can't be your friend anymore. You suck happiness out of me.
  • Ask yourself friend, who changed? Either I or you?
  • I don’t hate you I hate the way you changed yourself.
  • You have turned from a good friend of mine into a stranger.
  • I knew that I have lost my place in your heart. But still I thought things gonna be okay. But I was wrong!
  • I wanted to be friends forever with you. But I didn’t knew forever is this much shorter.
  • Your friendship has become a full stop to my life.
  • If I was angry with you, you must have made an effort not excuse.
  • It is not that I didn’t knew about you. All I was doing was shielding myself from this bitter truth.
  • I don’t know why you are accusing me even if you have seen nothing from your eyes. Try to believe me friend.
  • Betrayal.. Its not an easy word. How did this became so easy for you my friend?
  • I never expected that you are friends with benefits. It hurts that I was once yours close friend.
  • I never knew that you will leave me in dark. Its better to separate our paths and that’s the best for us.
  • Sometimes I wonder will I have a friend like you again? Then I remember no! Not again a sadistic person like you..
  • You never saw the pain I was suffering from.
  • You meant everything for me. I was burst into tears when I knew I meant nothing for you..
  • Its sad that two friends who were best friends once don’t recognize each other any more..
  • The greater I trusted you, the more you hurt me with your words..
  • Pain is the only thing that you gave me in our friendship.
  • Don’t worry about me. If I am not talking to you, doesn’t mean I am dead. I am alive!
  • Friend! Its easy for you to change. And you change usually. But the memories I have spent with you can never be changed.
  • I am feeling so alone without you my bestie!
  • If you don’t want to talk to me its okay. But if you have found new friends its not absolutely okay.
  • Its not easy for me to forget you. We have spent many hard times of life together. But I didn’t expected this drastic change in you.
  • One day you will value my friendship. But I will not be here!
  • I don’t think of you much now. Because I don’t think you deserve my mind to think of you neither my life to create an issue.
  • I still want to be friends with you. But you don’t care at all..
  • You are clueless about how much you have hurt me.
  • I don’t realize how could you decide that I am no more important to you and neither my friendship.
  • You have made me smile. You have made me cry. How can I forget you so easily?
  • It feels really strange that I am no more important to you.
  • I wanted to talk to you but then I realized you are not my friend anymore you are someone else now.
  • I am not with you but still you need me anytime and anywhere, feel free to contact me. Everyone is not like you friend!
  • Yes even friends can break your hurt. And friendship hurts even more than love.
  • I just wanted to see whether my absence affects you or not. But I was wrong, it doesn’t!

Here are our best  sad friendship quotes that will make you cry. These quotes and messages will surely help you in feeling better.

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