Quotes About Memories Of Loved Ones

Quotes about Memories Of Loved Ones

Quotes About Memories Of Loved Ones
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Memories made with your loved ones are much better than diamonds and yes there in no body in this world who can steal them from you. These are the memories that make you realize how important and lovely that part of your life was. If you want yourself to go back to the time where you made beautiful memories with your loved ones, read my underlying collection of such quotes.

Quotes About Memories Of Loved Ones

Memories are both good and bad. It is all about remembering the beautiful parts of your life held in past. Whenever we look back to the memories in past, they make us laugh and cry both because memories are both good as well as bad. So learn to make memories in your life, enjoy every second of it.

The memories made with our loved ones are treasured forever in our heart. So rather than crying or missing your loved ones, cherish those beautiful moments that you spent with them in the past. Read my underlying article on quotes about memories of loved ones.

I am sure these will definitely take you back to the beautiful time spent with your loved ones.

  1. It is all about loving someone. The more you love him the more stronger the memory of that person becomes.
  2. One always live in the hope of becoming a memory for others.
  3. The memories of loved ones are just like a treasure which are beyond words and cannot be expressed.
  4. No matter how much you have changed, but the memories down in my heart can never be changed.
  5. I can wipe my tears away rolling down on my cheeks, but how will I remove the ache that your memories have given me.
  6. What a wonderful time it was! I wish that may that time returns back and I enjoy every moment of my childhood again with you.
  7. The memories that I spent with you were the best of my life..
  8. The memories of you are always in my mind and forever in my heart. Love you so much…
  9. Wish that time returns back. I want to enjoy every moment again with you.
  10. Is there no way to live in all those moments which have now became memories? I want to cherish all the beautiful memories spent with you.
  11. Its not easy to forget the memories of someone who gave you so much to remember in your life.
  12. The leaves of memories are falling one by one every day. But I gather and treasure them all in my heart.
  13. No matter whether you are with ne today or nor but you are forever in my heart.
  14. Its not about being in pain to forget you, its too precious to remember you.
  15. Whenever i think of my beautiful memories spent with you, my arms and soul feel emptiness.
  16. If you think of your past, just pick out beautiful moments and memories out of it.
  17. Thinking of the past memories give you the pleasure.
  18. You can’t imagine how deeply my heart remembers you.
  19. No one can imagine how much you are being missed by me.
  20. All I do is remember you in my memories with silent tears.
  21. The whole world seems as an enemy when you lose what you loved the most in your life.
  22. Even if you are far away from me, you are in my heart forever. In my thoughts and in my life always!
  23. There are some songs that instantly takes us to some of the beautiful moments of our past.
  24. Life brings tears and memories. The tears may dry but the memories never fade away.
  25. Freeing yourself from a memory takes your whole lifetime.
  26. You are always in my memories. And I will miss you till the day I will live each and every moment of my life with you.. again…
  27. I will not feel relaxed until and unless I can touch you with my hands. But I always feel you in my heart.
  28. I always remember you in my heart.. Do you also remember me or not?
  29. Whenever you miss me in your memories, just look up I will always be there in front of you.
  30. We are not away from each other. I speak to your soul everyday…
  31. I knew I had to let you go one day, but this much soon… never. I miss you so much.
  32. I think of you everyday in my memories.
  33. As long as the worls spins and the it is green i will not stop remembering you.
  34. When the person whom you always remember in your memories is lost, the entire world seems depopulated to you.
  35. Thinking of you in my memories is easy, but missing you gives me a heartache that can never be cured.
  36. When the person whom we love becomes a memory, he is treasured forever.The memories of the time spent with you are missed beyond measure.
  37. Time is not measured in hours but in memories of your loved ones.
  38. Its not easy to forget the memories of your loved ones who gave you so much to remember.
  39. Your memories will be treasured in my heart forever… until we meet again..
  40. You will be forever in my heart in my memories, my love!
  41. Nothing can ever take your memories away from me.
  42. but looking back i have got a lot of memories.
  43. Anything that you have in your memories will come to you in some different form.
  44. The most beautiful things are not associated with money but with beautiful memories.
  45. If memories would be able to make a lane i would have walked to you.
  46. Your memories will stay forever with us. These will never be forgotten.
  47. Those who touch our souls, stay forever in our hearts as beautiful memories of life.
  48. There are some people who never leave us, they stay in our mind and heart as beautiful memories.
  49. It is not the days that I miss, these are the memories that are missed.
  50. It would take my entire lifetime to forget the memories that we both made together.
  51. Every day some of the memories of yours come along my way.
  52. Time spent with you is one of the most beautiful things of the world. The memories are always felt in my heart.

I hope you find my article comforting in remembering your loved ones through memories. These memories actually define us. Life is just made up of these beautiful times spent with our loved ones.

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