Quotes About Being Together Forever

Being Together Forever Quotes

Quotes About Being Together Forever
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From your crush to celebrating your 50th wedding together, it is a beautiful phase of being together with the love of your life. Togetherness is the real happiness and those who believe this, for them i have created some of the well versed quotes on being together forever.

Quotes About Being Together Forever

Now or then we all meet a person in our life with whom our heart wants to stay together forever. When our love catches fire, our heart wishes to spend the rest of our life with him. The person that you wish to stay together changes your life. It is one of the blessed instances of life that you get a chance to stay with a person you cherish and adore in your life. It is great to share beautiful moments of your life with that special person. Here in my article I have clubbed up a beautiful collection of quotes for being together forever.

Hope you will enjoy reading them.

  1. I want to hold your hand and walk together for the rest of my life.
  2. We both are together forever and will never be apart.
  3. Hand in hand together and our relationship becomes stronger day by day.
  4. All I want is to be together with you for the rest of my life. I want to spend all the happy and sad moments of my life with you.
  5. I want us to be together for the rest of our life.
  6. Don’t worry girl! Its not our time. But I promise once I will hold your hand, will never let you go. You are just mine.
  7. We are not apart, we are together forever. This distance cannot separate us from each other.
  8. Saying I love you to each other doesn’t mean that you will be together forever. It requires trust, love, commitment, understanding to be together forever.
  9. I want U and I to be placed together.
  10. You said we will be together forever. I thought we will be together for eternity. But I didn’t knew that together forever means this to you.
  11. We might be distant away but by heart we are always connected.
  12. Me and my friends are a happy family together.
  13. I want you forever and ever, through all the good and bad times. I want you to hold my hand forever.
  14. Together we can pass every hurdle I know.
  15. I wish we stay together forever from passing our graduation till watching our grand children’s marriage.
  16. You are my soul mate. The very first time when I saw you I realized that we are perfect fit for each other.  Together we make a good couple.
  17. God has brought us together and I think there is some reason behind him doing so.
  18. The day when we will not be together would be the day when I have taken my last breath.
  19. If ever a day comes that we can’t be together, keep me in your heart forever. I will stay there forever.
  20. If world will not accept me, keep me there in your heart. I will stay there forever. I just want our togetherness to last forever.
  21. Love is being together and that too also forever.
  22. Accept my proposal and I promise to stick by your side forever.
  23. Love is all about growing together and learning things.
  24. When two hearts decide to be together, no matter how far they are and how tough it is, their love will surely bring them together and will last forever.
  25. Life is all about being adventurous with your partner and doing silly things together.
  26. I say I love you not only because we are together but I want us to be together forever and love each other even more than this.
  27. No matter how hard it is being together because there is nothing much worse than being apart from a person you love the most.
  28. Be with someone who will take care of you and be with you forever.
  29. I want our togetherness to last forever.
  30. There is no cure for love than being together forever.
  31. Two hearts that are united together in friendship be each other’s for forever till eternity.
  32. This journey is not only yours. Its ours. We are together and I will stick with you till the end.
  33. In our time spent together, I gave you a place in my heart  that will never be replaced.
  34. In four words life sums up- We are together forever!
  35. We dreamt of being together forever but now I realize that was merely a dream. But those dreams are much better than reality.
  36. We will walk the skies together forever.
  37. I am glad that our together means forever…
  38. I am nothing without you, but being with you is everything.
  39. All those things that we do together and the time we both spent with each other made me love you even more than before.
  40. There is a reason behind two persons staying together forever.

Use these above quotes to cherish togetherness forever with your soul mate and make him feel special.

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