40 Quotes On Having A Secret Crush

Secret Crush Quotes

40 Quotes On Having A Secret Crush
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Having a secret crush on someone is one of the best things ever. But not all the things are to be disclosed, many of them are to be kept secret also. And keeping your crush secret is one of them.

40 Quotes On Having A Secret Crush

Confessing our feelings is not always easy. Sometimes we are so scared to confess the feelings that we have in your heart for a person whom we admire secretly. Sometimes we find this feeling frustrating and on the other hand we are afraid of losing our secret crush as a friend. We start having butterflies in our stomach when we have a secret crush on someone. But we usually lack confidence and are not able to accept our feelings. There are no commitments in a having a crush, But still when you see your crush you smile like an idiot.

In such a situation I would suggest you to be normal when you are surrounded by your crush.

Avoid staring at him but yes always make an eye contact while talking to him. Here is my collection of quotes on having a secret crush on someone that gives a beautiful experience faced by a person when having a secret crush on someone else.

  1. I am having a secret crush on a guy. And this is something that I am not able to stop.
  2. I am secretly admiring someone these days. He’s the one whose smile makes my day.
  3. His single smile brings blush on my face.
  4. One is able to see only the beauty and the positive things in a person upon whom he/she has his crush.
  5. My heart stops working when my crush looks at me.
  6. Sorry tummy for having the butterflies, but its not my fault but of the person sitting next to me.
  7. Having a crush on a person is one of the best feelings ever.
  8. Having a crush and that too also a secret one feels like floating in the air.
  9. Having a crush upon a person you love and this one sided love has a unique taste as compared to those committed relationships.
  10. I am having a secret crush on my best friend who tries every possible means to bring a smile on my face.
  11. There is a girl, my secret crush who is unaware of the feelings that I have for her. She’s the only one whose smile produce butterflies in my stomach.
  12. There is a boy aka my secret crush. Whenever he passes nearby my heart starts beating fast.
  13. I don’t remember exactly when this feeling of crush changed into my passionate love for you.
  14. I have never met any person as beautiful as you are ever in my life. I admire you everyday secretly. You are the love of my life.
  15. There are many people in this world who don’t even get an opportunity to be their crushes. But I feel myself lucky enough because I get this chance everyday to sit beside my crush because my best friend is my crush.
  16. I keep on smiling whenever I think of you, but whenever you are around it becomes difficult for me to control my smile. But I have to because I don’t want you to know about my feelings as you are my secret  crush.
  17. You can’t imagine how difficult it is for me to control my feelings that my heart holds you. You are my first crush ever!
  18. I try to pretend normal whenever you are around, but my heart knows how fast it beats once it sees you.
  19. I have a crush on someone. But I don’t want to confess it because I don’t want to get hurt.
  20. Having a crush on someone is something that even you are not able to understand properly, then how do you expect to make other people understand it.
  21. I am so afraid to tell you that how much I love you. So its better to keep you as my crush only because this one sided love is exceptionally wonderful!
  22. I am afraid of being rejected by my crush.
  23. You are my first crush and I love you so much. But I won’t express my feelings until and unless you notice the love that my heart holds for you.
  24. The best feeling of having a crush is when you secretly notice him and he comes to know about it.
  25. Sometimes I wish to catch all your attention and confess how much I love you.
  26. I pray that may you also notice me as I notice you everyday and tell me how much you love me.
  27. My secret crush hurts me everyday  by describing the girl he admires in his dreams.
  28. I love my crush a lot but he is such a dumb that he is not able to realize it.
  29. Sometimes keeping my secret love for you aside, I wish to hug to tightly forever and never let you go ever!
  30. I can’t express my secret love that my heart holds for him, because I know this gonna complicate things only.
  31. I am afraid of losing you. So I shall never be able to confess my secret love that my heart holds for you.
  32. I don’t know when and how it started but I love listening love songs these days.
  33. Yesterday I found myself listening love songs and thinking of you.
  34. I will never give up hoping because I know now or then you will be mine forever. And once you be mine, I shall capture you in my heart forever.
  35. Sometimes I pray that may god give me the courage to admit my feelings that my heart holds for you.
  36. I will never forget you because you are my first crush whom I have been managing secretly since 3 years, just in the hope that you will be able to understand my love for you someday.
  37. I have a secret crush on someone I have no chance with.
  38. I don’t know why I am loving you in secret.
  39. I stay up whole night just thinking of you.
  40. I am dying to know whether you have any feelings for me in your heart or not. But at the same time i am equally afraid of losing you.

Most of the times we don’t tell our crush how we feel about them. Whether it hurts or is special, in short it is wonderful!

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