Invitation Messages for Birthday Party | Quotes for Inviting Friends and Relatives to Birthday Party

Birthday Party Invitation Messages and Quotes

Invitation Messages for Birthday Party | Quotes for Inviting Friends and Relatives to Birthday Party
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Birthday is a special occasion in every persons life. Every one of us want to celebrate this day in a unique and grand way with our family and friends. Try the below given Invitation Messages and Quotes for Birthday Party to invite friends to birthday bash in a thoughtful and unique way...

No matter whether its your own birthday, your friend’s birthday, child’s or even your parents. This day is special in everyone’s life. And we celebrate the day by inviting our dear ones too at the party. This post is to invite the people close to your heart to the birthday party. Make your birthday invitation unique and heart touching.

Whether you are inviting them to club, dinner party, surprise party or any other theme party, just pick an accurate way to invite them. In below article we have gathered plenty of unique invitations to invite your dear ones to the birthday party.

Just have a look at them…

Invitation Messages to Send for Birthday Party

  • Its my 20th birthday and I want to celebrate the day with all of you. So you all are invited to my birthday bash on (day) at (time, venue).
  • I am getting 16 years old next week! Kindly join us at my birthday party. I am pretty excited to blow the candles on my birthday cake..
  • Hey friends! Finally your wait is over and its time for your birthday treat. I invite you all at my place at my birthday night. So please be there and lets make the day memorable..
  • Lets have some fun on my birthday event! Please come on my birthday venue. Its going to be a grand celebration. Believe me!
  • I cant believe its my 30th birthday approaching. So lets get the party started. Get some time out of your busy schedules to celebrate the day with me. See you soon guys!
  • Its my wish to celebrate my 20th birthday with all of you. Birthday is not less than a milestone and I want to celebrate this milestone with you guys.  See you at the party in (venue) @(time).
  • Hey childhood friend! Howz you? I know you must be planning for my birthday gift. But this time I want you too with your gift. And remember if you wont come, you will have to pay a fine. So be there …
  • Hey pals! Kindly join me on the eve of my 22nd birthday!  It would be great to see you all there. See you soon!
  • Dear boss! I am celebrating my 27th birthday. So you are cordially invited to my birthday bash. So please come so that we can cheer with beer and have fun… [Don't Miss: Exciting Birthday Wishes for a Boss Happy Birthday]
  • Dear __ , I am throwing a birthday party. So please be there. We will have beers, dinner, snacks, music and dance! See you there in the party..
  • A very happy birthday to me! Hey mates, I an throwing a birthday bash today. This is to inform you all are invited to the evening party. Join me in this celebration..
  • Hey friends its ___ birthday. And we have planned a surprise party for her. Just keep your mouth zipped till then and join us in making her day memorable.
  • So here I m inviting you all to my birthday party but yes you cant enter the birthday hall without any gift! So keep your gifts ready!
  • Dear friends and my family, you all are invited to the eve of my birthday. So please be there and yes don’t ask about my age.. lol..
  • Are you guys ready with your gifts? Not yet? So plz make it fast as my birthday is approaching next week.. I will not let any person without gift to enjoy yummy food and music.....!!!!
  • Are you messed up with choosing a gift for me? Okay let me help you! PS my favourite colour us red! Rest you know what to do. And i know that I am inviting you all at my birthday party.
  • Its my baby’s first birthday! Aww he’s turning 1 this week. Its time to throw a party for her. He’s so small that he cant invite you all by his own. So I invite you all to shower you wishes and blessings to our lil champ!
  • My daughter is turning 2 on (date). And I have ordered a large cake. My baby’s tummy is so small to eat it all. So why don’t you all join us in finishing the cake? Lol.. please be there and help us in making my daughter’s day special.
  • My parents told me to invite all my friends on my birthday. So I am doing it at my own. They said that there is no need of gifts. But its my birthday and I must say gifts are welcome. Hehe.. so please join me at my birthday bash.
  • Hall is booked and tables are set! You are cordially invited to a birthday party full of surprises. Don’t miss it..
  • Its time for a great announcement. The Kingdom is ready to celebrate princess birthday. So join us and celebrate the moment..
  • I know everybody is busy these days. But guys just give me 2 hours from your busy schedules. This year I want to celebrate my day with all if you. Its long time since we have met!  I am celebrating my birthday tomorrow at 7 p.m. please do join me..
  • Guys I am hosting a birthday party in the club. I just want to tell the whole world that I am out of my teens. Just cant wait to celebrate the day with you all. So please be there on time.

Invitation messages generally differ by the people we are inviting to. Use the above invitations to invite your close ones on the occasion of your birthday. And if you have any queries related to this you can contact us. 

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