Bridal Shower Invitation Wording | Messages and Notes to Invite to Bridal Shower Ceremony

Wording to Invite for Bridal Shower Event

Bridal Shower Invitation Wording | Messages and Notes to Invite to Bridal Shower Ceremony
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Are you looking for bridal shower invitation wordings to send to your friends and relatives? Here we are to provide you help in writing perfect bridal shower invitation messages. Just go through these bridal shower invitation wordings and modify it according to your own consent.

Bridal shower ceremony is a special function hosted for the bride-to-be by her family members to invite close friends and family members of the bride. It's an occasion to shower the bride with love, blessings, joy and wishes. There are many things to plan and think about while organizing a bridal shower ceremony such as food, decoration, theme, music. When all this is done, the most important thing is inviting the guests to the bridal shower ceremony of the bride. Here we have gathered the proper format for how to invite the guests. Scroll down and have a look at them.

Bridal Shower Invitation Wording, Messages and Notes

With all your good wishes and blessings

John and kish,

Are getting married

And don’t you miss

They gonna soon be Mr.

And Mrs______

Its time to shower all blessings to kish, for bridal shower!

On Saturday, 12th February

At 1 p.m. at



Its time to shower our bride with happiness, joy, love and blessings

We have organized a surprise bridal shower for

Miss Hazel,

On 16 December, at 5 p.m.


Kindly be on time!


Its not about golden chains that tie the knot,

Its multiple tiny knots which sew two souls together

We all invite you to the showering ceremony of

Bride-to-be, Kathy

On 2nd March at 2 p.m.



The most happy person in the world is that who find a true friend in his wife.

We invite you to the bridal showering ceremony of

Kindle Travis-(Bride-to-be)

on 14th February, at​​​​​

12p.m at


Please join us!


No man or woman is complete without each other

Please join us to the surprise bridal showering ceremony

In honor of- Britney shakes

On 5th September, at

11a.m. at


Please join us!


Its time to shower the bride-to-be

With Love and good wishes

On Wednesday, 3rd July

At their residence, 1018, street no 15,

Oldsmar, Russia


It started from being boyfriend-girlfriend,

And now tamy and rousel,

Are getting married!

Lets shower the bride-to-be

ROUSEL, on October 5,


Hosted by:- Mr and Mrs Mathew


Before she turns into Mrs David

Its time to shower the bride-to-be

Angelina on

Thursday, 17th September,



Her marriage in the way,

So lets make her ready for this big day

We cordially invite you to the bridal showering ceremony

Of our daughter, SELENA,

On Sunday, 14th February,



And the love begins,

Come join us to the surprise bridal showering ceremony

Of our bride-to-be

KINDEL SWATHES on October 19,

at 1:30 p.m at,

347 Christians Lane

South Beach, Mauritius

Given by Kim Swathes

RSVP-regrets only.


Loving one another is all that matters,

We have made all the plans so you all are

Invited to the bridal showering ceremony

On Tuesday, 7th may,



Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies

In honour of our beloved bride-to-be


On 4thJuly, at 5p.m

564 Housing road, Philippines


I just hope that after reading all the above given bridal shower wordings, you would have been able to make a perfect invitation according to your own customs, venue, style, size and theme......

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