41 Relationship Quotes for Him

Relationship Quotes for Him

41 Relationship Quotes for Him
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Using these relationship quotes for him let the man of your life know how much mad you are in love with him. Let him know how thankful you are to him for being with you. So choose an appropriate relationship quote for him that is cool enough to sum up your feelings for him.

41 Relationship Quotes for Him

  • You are the one who turns my sadness into happy moments of life. I love you so much..
  • Life is not about money or success. Its about love! And I am lucky to have you in my life. I love you baby!
  • Thanks for being the exact man that I used to see in my dreams right from my childhood. Baby I love you!
  • Loving and being loved is the most beautiful feeling in this world. And thank you boy for making me feel so..
  • The love that you have shown towards me is not less than a diamond.

    I feel blessed to have you in my life.
  • Baby you are my best place. I want to kiss you and be in your arms forever. Love you till infinity!
  • Before I met you I never knew how beautiful this feeling of love is! Thanks for making me realize so..
  • Thank you darling for showing extraordinary love towards me. I feel myself as the most happiest person alive on this earth. Xoxo!!
  • There is nothing better than finding the love of your life. And I feel myself lucky to have you in my life. I love you baby!
  • Whenever I needed you, you were always there for me. Love you to the moon and back!
  • I wish I could hug you so tightly so that you could hardly breathe. Hehe.. Darling I miss you and love you! Muaah!
  • Everytime I see you I fall in love with you again and again. Love you from the bottom of my heart.
  • Today if I know the meaning of love is just because of you. Our relationship is simply the best!
  • The very first timeyou touched me I knew that we are made for each other.
  • Your love is all what I need to survive. You are a gem! I am blessed to have you baby!
  • Thanks for loving me effortlessly. Only you know how to make me smile..
  • People rarely find true love and I feel lucky to possess you. You are not less than a diamond babes!
  • Your love is a strong power that made my life worth living. I love you!
  • Your love has made my life complete. Thanks for making me fearless and limitless.
  • I adore you my baby. Love happened with you without any option. Love you baby!
  • Our love is far away from lust and  attraction. You cant even imagine how proud it makes me. I love you so much..
  • We are not together always but still I know that I am never out of your mind. Love you..
  • Your love gives me the courage to face whole world. I love you..
  • Love is not less than a promise and I feel great because you have never broken it.
  • I have that feelings for you that I cant put into words. I love you..
  • You cant even Imagine how many times I read every single text that you send me. In short you are my happy place..
  • I want to stay with you forever. You are my lifeline, my heartbeat!
  • Your smile is the cutest. All I want from you is to be yours..
  • Yeah I get jealous! Because you are just mine and cant share you with anyone..
  • Loving a person like you is the best thing to do in this whole world..
  • All I want is to cuddle you right now. I love you..
  • Apart from your jokes, flaws, mistakes… I still want you to be my soulmate.
  • I have waited all my life to find a person like you. And then I found you and life became even more beautiful!
  • I want to marry you ASAP. Because you are the person without whom I cant live anymore.
  • I feel great to get isolated in love with you. That is the most prettiest feeling in this whole world.
  • Thank you boy for accepting my heart and exchanging yours with me. I feel myself as the most luckiest girl..
  • Knowing my imperfections and still loving me makes you love even more. I love you. Lots of kisses..
  • You have always considered my happiness more than yours. Sometimes I wonder how different you are! My gem!
  • From the very first day since we are in relationship, my happiness is the only thing that matters to you. Love you baby..
  • Baby you never fail to reflect the love that your heart holds for me. I love you..
  • Your eyes provide a mirror image to my soul. Love you to the moon and back! Lots of hugs and kisses to you..

The above article consists of a beautiful collection of relationship quotes for him. You can do something unique and unusual too by using these relationship quotes. We assure you that these quotes will definitely help you in showing your love towards him…

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