30 Awesome Love Proposal Lines

Love Proposal Lines to Send to Him/Her

30 Awesome Love Proposal Lines
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Ready to propose the love of your life? In order to propose the boy/girl of your dreams, you need some perfect Love proposal lines that may capture that romantic moment forever. Make your time magical by making use of these underlying love proposal lines.

30 Awesome Love Proposal Lines

Proposing the love of your life has always been a nervous task. Why it is nervous because you are always confused about the perfect words or quotes for proposing your love. While proposing the love of your life you may use words of the famous authors, poets etc. But words of your own that comes by your heart always add an extra magic. Propose your love in a unique and romantic manner.

Words are magical and they surely contain in them the power to convince your love to be with you. I have compiled a list of some of the awesome love proposal lines that can be used to propose the person with whom you are in love with.

Feel free to use them as is or tweak them and add a bit of your own crunch to these quotes to make them your own perfectly.

  1. I feel myself wonderful life because I have you with me. You are my smile keeper who always make me laugh. I love you so much and want to be yours.
  2. Hold my hand because i want to become old with you. I am deeply in love with you. 
  3. Your smile lightens my day. Whenever I see you my heart starts beating fast. I promise that I will always stay by your side. All I want is to be yours. I love you so much baby. Will you be mine?
  4. Having you beside me is something that is going to complete me. I love you.
  5. Hey boy! you are the reason to my smile. I love you and i dont want to be part away from you.
  6. Give me a chance to be the luckiest man. Be mine.. I want to be with you forever and ever.
  7. You are the only one that exists in my world. I promise i will do everything to bring that smile on your face.
  8. No matter how dark my day is, but as soon as I see you, your smile enlightens my day. Thanks for being a part of my life. All I want to say is that I love you from the bottom of my heart. Will you be soul mate?
  9. I want to spend the rest of my life with you. I can’t live without you anymore. You are the reason for my happiness and I feel so dull without you. Accept my love and come into my life and make me shine.
  10. I don’t want anything else from you. All my heart needs is to stay and grow old by your side. Would you like to be a part of my life?
  11. You can’t even imagine how mad I have become. I constantly think of you and imagine you around me every time. So before my condition becomes more worse accept my love and be a part of my life.
  12. I want to walk by your side when I grow old. I want to share every sad and happy time of my life with you. In short, I just want to be with you always. I love you so much..
  13. My heart wants to cry with you, smile with you and laugh with you. I don’t find any beautiful place when you are around me. I want that both of us should spend our whole life together. Baby please be mine. I love you so much.
  14. Please be with me till the end of my life. You are in my mind and heart all the time. Accept my proposal and be my better half.
  15. I wasn’t aware of the term LOVE before I met you. And when I have realized it, it is making it impossible for me to stay without you. I love you a lot. You mean the whole world to me.
  16. Whenever you are close to me my heart either starts beating fast or sometimes misses a beat. I don’t know what is happening with me. But my friends say that I am in love with you. I love you!
  17. Your smile is like a medicine that cures my pains. Whenever I see you I understand what is the actual meaning of beauty and love. You are my first and last love. I love you so much.
  18. My feelings are all new and I am unaware of all the things that are happening to me. All I know is that you are a the girl of my dreams and I want you to be my soul mate till my last breath. You can’t even imagine how much I love you. Please be mine..
  19. I don’t know what I will do if you will reject my proposal. Because I can’t spend my life without you. Your smile gives me a reason to live. Please be mine..
  20. I am not able to concentrate on anything since the day i have seen you. I love you! Would you like to spend the rest of your life with me?
  21. I have got addicted towards you. Whenever I see you I forget every problem of mine. I want to spent the rest of my life by leaning on your shoulder. Hey girl, please accept me and my lover proposal.
  22. I have become crazy. Yes I am crazy for you. I feel myself lucky that I am in love with the most beautiful and the simplest girl I have ever met. You are the best person I have ever met in my life. Will you be my girlfriend?
  23. I want you to be a part of my life and hug me tight and never let me go. I promise that I will never let you feel sad and alone in your life. All I need a chance. Please accept my proposal.
  24. You also agree that no one understands me much better than you. We are best friends and I am sure that we would be the best couple too. I can’t resist my feelings. Yes! I am in love with you. Please be mine and I am sure that we would be one of the happiest couple.
  25. I promise that I will stay b y your side through every ups and downs of life and I will never let you feel alone. You are the best person and I love you so much. Please be mine.
  26. We were good friends right? And I had never thought of being in love with you. But love is something that can’t be thought of. It happens… And yes it happened with you. I love you so much. Lets take a step forward and be in a relationship. I love you.
  27. I need you in every condition of my life. I want to share everything with you. Just be mine once. I love you girl…
  28. I promise that nothing will seem difficult and challenging when you will be with me. I can’t share you with anyone else. Just be mine for ever and ever. I love you..
  29. I promise to love you till eternity. Just be mine once and I am sure that our love story is going to be the best of all. I love you!
  30. You might get some better partner than me. But I will never get a girl like you in my whole life.  You made my life beautiful. I love you so-so much..

So, I hope that my collection of love proposal lines helps you in giving a perfect start to a lifetime of love and togetherness.

Hope you liked our awesome love proposal lines. You can use these messages in different ways. Share these lines with your love on whatsapp. If you don’t have phone number of the person you are in love with post them on Facebook, Instagram or any other social networking site from where your message can reach her.
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