Wedding Thank You Messages, | Quotes for Thanking You for Attending Wedding | Thank You Notes for Wedding

Thank You Messages for a Wedding

 Wedding Thank You Messages, | Quotes for Thanking You for Attending Wedding | Thank You Notes for Wedding
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Wedding is great occasion. We invite family, friends to our wedding ceremony to share our joy with others. Its a grand celebration and they in return bless you with their best wishes, prayers and gifts. It becomes your prime duty to thank therm for being there at the wedding and making it extra special and enjoyable. Also thanks them for all the gifts you received on your wedding ceremony.

Wedding is a great occasion. Are you looking for words to say thank you for all the wishes and blessings that you received on your wedding day. In this article we have included unique messages and quotes to say thank you to them in a more special way. Appreciate all the blessings, wishes and gifts that you received on your wedding day. No matter what sort of gift they shared with you just look at the love with which they shared it to you.

So its time to write a well written note to say thank you to all the guests who attended your wedding ceremony. Just have a look at them..

 Wedding Thank You messages, Quotes and Notes

  • Thanks for being at our wedding ceremony.

    It was a great pleasure for all of us.
  • We feel blessed that you came to attend our wedding. Thanks for blessing us.
  • Its our pleasure that inspite of having busy schedule, you came to our wedding party. I heartily say thank you to you.
  • Your gift was really unique that we have decided to hang it in our bedroom. Thanks a lot for this token ..
  • Thanks for attending our marriage ceremony. We had the best time!
  • You helped us in creating this day memorable. These lasting memories will be cherished forever. Once again thanks for being there.
  • Our wedding would not have been complete without your support and love. We heartily thank you all for being there and celebrating joy for us.
  • Thanks a lot for your presence, support, lovely gifts and most importantly your prayers. It really means a lot for us!
  • Thanks for being the witness of our special day. Thanks for travelling such a long distance to be part of our day.
  • Thank you so much for celebrating our day. I just hope you also enjoyed the marriage as much as we did!
  • Your presence added an extra joy to our wedding ceremony. Thanks for being witness to our marriage vows.
  • Our wedding would not have been successful without your love, care and support. Allow us to thank you you guys for joining us at the ceremony.
  • Me and my husband are really thankful to you for your lovely gift. Your presence at our wedding was the most beautiful gift for us. Thank you!
  • Me and my wife appreciate your time and efforts you shared on our wedding anniversary. God bless you and thanks once again..
  • I would like to thank you from the core of my heart because you are the only one who has provided me never ending support in getting married. Thank you!
  • Thanks friend! For making my wedding day come true. It has been successful just because of you. Thanks a lot dear..
  • You also play an equally important role in our wedding. Because of you only, we were able to make this day into special one. Thanks for being there..
  • Thanks a lot for being at our wedding inspite of suffering from health problems. Your wishes and prayers really means a lot for our wedding life. Thanks once again!
  • I don’t want to do any sort of formality by saying thank you to you. All I can say is that your wedding gifts made me and my husband emotional. 
  • Thanks a lot for your wedding cheque. This will surely help in making an amazing start to our wedding life.
  • Thanks girl for making my wedding so special. I assure you that when you will get married, I will also make your wedding special as you made mine. Thank you!
  • Thank you for adding colors to our wedding by being there at the party. It really means a lot for us. Thanks once again..
  • Thank you guys for being the part of most amazing day of my life. I am grateful to you for the role you played in our ceremony. Thanks a lot!
  • You are a star bro. Thanks for rocking our wedding ceremony. Your presence added colors to our party.
  • The day could not have been completed without your presence. I hope you enjoyed at our ceremony. Thanks for everything you did for both me and my wife.
  • We never planned for a wedding like this. But you guys did a lot for me. You made my ceremony so grand. Thanks for making my party great!
  • Kind hearted people like you makes every occasion remarkable. Thanks a lot for your love and care.
  • Dear friends, there was no need for gifts. Your presence was enough for us. It was a thing of delight that you attended our wedding party. Thanks a lot!

I know its difficult to select an appropriate thank you wish for all the wedding ceremony gifts and wishes. So we managed to bring some of the unique wishes and notes to say thank you on you wedding day. Hope it proves to be useful to you.

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