True Friends Quotes and Sayings

Friendship Quotes for True Friends

True Friends Quotes and Sayings
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Are you looking for a perfect way to let your true friend know how much his friendship means to you and how he plays an important role in your life? Here in my underlying article I have collected some unique quotes on True Friend Quotes and Sayings. Hope you will like them and will share these with your friends to convey up all that you have for them in your heart.

True Friends Quotes and Sayings

A True Friend is one with whom you can share all your secrets. He is the person you can blindly trust upon. If you possess your true friend, hold him tight and never let him go because it is not so easy to find true and loyal friends in today's world. And yes above all, its important to remind them how much they mean to you.  Let your bestie know how much she means to you by using these heartfelt messages. So here are my True Friends Quotes and Sayings to inspire you.  Enjoy!

  1. A true friend is one who is always there for you no matter what the situation is.
  2. Its better to have one true friend rather than having many friends.
  3. I am your true friend, so remember when ever you fall down, I will be there to pick you up.
  4. I didn’t knew what a true friend is until and unless I had met you.
  5. True friends are seen through heart not eyes.
  6. A true friend is one who not only tolerates your dramas but also be a part of them.
  7. Only a true friend of yours have the courage to say things to you on your face rather than talking on your back.
  8. Dear pal! You are my true friend and will always be! This distance, time and words cannot separate us from each other.
  9. You will always be my true friend and you know that very well.
  10. True friends may be distant through miles but never through heart.
  11. If you think that you are someone’s true friend, then you may not judge your friend.
  12. True friend is always ready to share your pain. He’s the one who brings out the best in you.
  13. Life gives us many friends but these are our true friends only who give us the life.
  14. A true friend of yours is able to see your tears when all others see your smiling face only.
  15. Every moment of life spent with your true friend feels like as if a beautiful dream of life has come true.
  16. My life is pretty awesome because I have my true friend with me who resides there in my heart.
  17. A person who says bad on your face and good about you on your back is capable of calling as a true friend.
  18. As a memory lasts forever, in the same way true friendship too lasts forever and true friends never say goodbye to each other.
  19. It is not that true friends don’t stab, they do! But the best part is they stab you in your front.
  20. A true friend will always stay in your heart and never leave your side.
  21. I promise to stay, I promise to always be your true and best friend.
  22. A person who is able to tolerate your success is capable of calling as a true friend.
  23. A true friends gives you freedom in being mad and not only this but also joins you in being mad.
  24. Your life is a great blessing to you if you have that true, worth and loyal friend by your side.
  25. True friends are those who enter your life, are able to recognize the negative parts of your life but still don’t leave you and decide to stay by your side always.
  26. There is no need of words while communicating to your friend.

    True friends can communicate through eyes.
  27. Many people will come and go from your life but the true friends will leave their footprints in your heart.
  28. A true friend knows about all your strengths and weaknesses but still decides to stay by your side.
  29. True friends are much better than fake friends. No matter they tell hard core truth but I guess its much more pleasant to hear a bitter truth rather than listening a loving lie.
  30. It is not that true friends always agree upon same things. They disagree with each other but still remain friends.
  31. A true friend never asks you for doing something good for you, but think up of something appropriate and do it.
  32. True friends are hard to find, difficult to leave and impossible top forget.
  33. A true friend is one who knows you the way you are, but still love you anyway.
  34. True friends help you in searching  for those valuable things that have been lost- Your smile, courage and hope..
  35. A true friend is a sure friend in unsure conditions and circumstances.
  36. The world would have been so lonely without your best friend.
  37. Possessing a true friend is one of the biggest blessings of all.
  38. True friends are like stars..

Having a true friend nowadays is a big blessing. So we should take care of this relationship. Many people come and go from our life but the memories spent with our true friends never die. These are precious.

True friendship is the biggest gift that we all should cherish!. So hope you guys liked by article True Friendship Quotes And Sayings. If yes, please don't forget to share my article on your social networking sites so that it could reach maximum number of people. Thanks!
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