Thank You Notes & Messages For Engagement Gifts

Thank You Notes for Receiving Engagement Gifts from Family and Friends

Thank You Notes & Messages For Engagement Gifts
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Engagement is a special day in every couple’s life. You receive many wishes, blessings and gifts on your engagement. So its your turn to thank each of the person for the wonderful gifts that you received. Express your gratitude to each one of your friends and family members for the lovely gift presented to you. Make sure to mention the gift and in which way you liked it. Below we have gathered a unique collection of such thank you messages for engagement gifts. Try some of these wishes to say thanks to your dear ones for the gifts received on the engagement day.

Thank You Notes and Messages For Engagement Gifts

  • Mr and Mrs Smith, thanks a lot for being there at our engagement party. Thank you for showering us with lovely gifts and blessings.
  • Your present really made me feel happy. It will always remind me of you. I will definitely decorate my room with this after my marriage.
  • Me and John are heartily thankful to you for the gift that you presented us on our engagement party. Thank you once again!
  • Thank you for attending our engagement party. Me and my fiancée loved your gift!
  • Thank you Mr and Mrs Sid for being there at our joyful occasion.

    A special thanks for your lovely gift and beautiful wishes…
  • I am short of words to express my joy with you. Thank you so much for the engagement gift. Be there at our wedding too.
  • It was great seeing you both at our engagement party. Thank you for the wonderful gift. I must say you have a great choice. Just can't wait to see you both at the wedding ceremony.
  • It was great to see both of you at the engagement ceremony. The gift was really thoughtful. Thank you so much..
  • I must say that your presence and gift brought smile to me any fiancé’s face. Thank you so much for such a pretty token of love.
  • Being my friend you have always stood with me in thick and thin times. Thank you so much for such a great gift. Its priceless. I am so excited to see you at my big day!
  • Your wishes and gifts made our day extra special. Thanks for such a great choice of gift. Will definitely decorate my room with this.
  • Thank you so much for the lovely portrait that you gifted me on my engagement ceremony. Will send you wedding card soon. So be there on time.
  • We truly enjoyed your company at our engagement party. Thanks for finding out time from your busy schedule and being there. Your gift surprised us totally! Thank you a lot. 
  • Me and my fiancé both were so happy after seeing you at our engagement party. The flower vase with my favourite lilies was the bestest gift. Thank you for such a blossom gift!
  • The gift that you presented me on my engagement ceremony is an another edition that I would love to make at my new home after marriage. Thank you so much for such a thoughtful gift!
  • Thank you so much for planning my engagement party. Many thanks for the beautiful gift. It is truly amazing!
  • We would like to thank you for being a part of our engagement ceremony. You guys made it as a day to be remembered forever. And yes, I must say your engagement gift was wonderful. Thank you!
  • We feel ourselves lucky to have friends like you who made our engagement ceremony extra special. Your presence was truly a moment to cheer. Thank you for the lovely present. We both loved it..
  • Friends you truly graced the evening of our engagement party. I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for such a wonderful present. Thanks once again for adding warmth to our party.
  • The gifts and wishes given by you at our engagement party left a deep impression on our heart. It was so meaningful. Moreover, thanks a lot for your presence.
  • My engagement party would not bee complete without you all. Thanks for giving your presence and yes I would remember your gift forever. Thank you!
  • Thank you so much for the warm wishes and congratulations. Your gift was the one that I liked the most..
  • I really feel blessed to have family and friends like you. Your best wishes and gift made us feel so happy. Thanks a lot!
  • Thank you to all my lovely friends, family members and other dear ones for sending me your heartfelt wishes and the lovely token of love. It really made us so happy. Thanks for supporting us!
  • I would like to express my gratitude to all of you for the warm wishes you sent us on our engagement ceremony. All the gifts that I received were really heart-warming. Thank you so much!
  • Thank you for the unique gift. Your warm wishes and blessings have really done a lot for us. Thank you!
  • Thanks a lot for accepting our invitation and being there at our engagement party. Your gift will always remind us of your kindness and generosity. Thank you!

So what are you waiting for? Choose an appropriate wish to thank your family, relatives and friends for being present at your engagement day and for the lovely engagement gifts.

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