Thank You Messages and Notes For Receiving Donation

Donation Thank You Notes

 Thank You Messages and Notes For Receiving Donation
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If ever someone has helped you, your organization, your charity house or business with donations, then say thank you to them for their big deed. No matter whether it’s a big donation or small, every donation should be recognized. Small donations can also add up and be useful. So write thank you message for the donation received.

 Thank You Messages and Notes For Receiving Donation

  • I opened up my mail and received your generous donation. Thank you so much for your this act of kindness.
  • I praise god for the donation received by you. Thanks for helping me out!
  • I was shocked when I opened my mail and received your donation. Thank you for your support.
  • I heartily thank you for lovely donation of $50. I appreciate it!
  • Your generosity left me overwhelmed. Thanks a lot for your donation of $60.

    Thank you so much..
  • A beautiful thing happened to me this week. Thanks a lot for your grant of $100. I appreciate your kindness.
  • Our institution received your cheque today. What a good day it has been. I promise to put this money to good use only.
  • I cant even express how happy I was to see your cheque of 50k. I will definitely use this money in my post graduation.
  • My graduation would not have been complete without having supporters like you in my life. Thanks for sending me this donation. You have always provided me with the funds to carry my graduation.
  • Thank you ministry for providing our institution with such a great amount of donation. Thanks once again for supplying us with continuous funds that helped to make difference in our studies.
  • Your donation of 250$ has raised our spirit. You are an example of true servant. You are the one who always think of us before yourself.
  • I want to extend my sincere gratitude to your company for your generous donation. All i want to say is thank you for helping me in making a big difference.
  • I want to express my appreciation for your generosity. Thanks for donating such a huge amount to our company. It will be helpful for us to achieve our goals.
  • Your personal assistance has helped me and especially my company more. I appreciate your contribution. Your generosity will help our workers and their families too.
  • You truly did a wonderful act by donating us $40. If you ever need our help feel free to contact us.
  • Thank you so much for the favour you have done by contributing such a big amount. Thanks once again for all you have done for us!.
  • Thank you for your kind donation that I received today. It will definitely bring a huge difference to the lives of our workers.
  • A very big thanks to you for your cloth donation. It will really help earthquake victims. Appreciate!
  • I appreciate your clothes and other stuff that you donated to our orphanage. I know our children will look adorable in it. Thank you once again!
  • Thank you for being so generous and thoughtful. You are an inspiration to me and I am so glad to have you in my life. Thanks for donating such a huge amount.
  • Thank you for your generous gift. Your cash donation has helped our institution in buying 6 new computers for our classroom.
  • Thank you for donating 15k for pets. It will definitely help us in pet caring and providing them medical facilities. We will also arrange shelter for them.
  • Thanks a for donating a huge amount to our hospital. We are planning to put this money in renovating our hospital. God bless you!
  • Whenever we needed help, you were always there to help us out financially. Thank you for providing us cash donation. Because of people like you, we never lose our hope. Thank you and may god bless you!
  • Every year, you never fail to bless our charity house by your donation. Thanks a lot for your selfless contribution.
  • Your donation has helped 2 girls to go to school and get educated this year. Thank you do much for your donation.
  • We would like to thank you all for your support, contribution of time and energy, and your generous donations. The event for Angelo was very successful - for that, we are also immensely grateful. Words cannot express how we feel. Thank you once again. Your kindness is truly appreciated by my family 

Express your gratitude for the donation received. Sending a thank you message for the received donation shows your appreciation. Use the above quotes to write such thank you messages.

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