42 Sweet Love Quotes For Husband from Loving Wife

Sweet Husband Love Quotes from Sweet Wife

42 Sweet Love Quotes For Husband from Loving Wife
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As a loving wife, it is important to express love for your sweet husband in a grand manner by sending him a sweet love quote. Until and unless you express your love for your husband, he will never know much he is loved by his wife. Here we have compiled a list of 42 sweet love quotes for husband from wife. Chose an appropriate love quote and send it to your husband to make him know how much you love him being a sweet loving and caring wife.


  1. Thank you for wiping my tears and making me laugh. You are the best husband in this whole world. I love you so much sweetheart....
  2. God has blessed me with husband cum friend who is always there to stand by my side. Love you a lot hubby!
  3. Darling I am yours. Promise me that you will also be mine forever. I love you!
  4. I promise to be the best wife I can and will never ever disappoint you.

    I love you to the moon and back!
  5. I trust you from the core of my heart. Not only because you are my husband but because you are a man to deserve this. Love you baby!
  6. When you come back from office, your smile makes my day better. Thanks for your love baby!
  7. Your love provides me the strength to achieve success in my life. I love you so much!
  8. Dear hubby! You are my protective shield that protects me from every pain and tears. Love you from the bottom of my heart!
  9. O my dear hubby you are my lifeline. I promise to love you till my last breath. You are love!
  10. Baby you are my constant source of inspiration. It is because of you only that I don’t give up in my life. Love you a lot!
  11. Thank you my sweet husband for being what you are. I love you darling!
  12. Dear husband, thank you for accepting me in the way I am. I love this thing the most in you. Love you to the moon and back!
  13. You are the one who has seen beauty in my imperfections too. Thanks for generously acceptinb me. I love you a lot.
  14. No matter how much we tease, fight and argue with each other but still we cant live without each other. Love you the most my dear husband…
  15. The best thing in the world is that you are mine and I am yours. This makes a perfect relationship. Love you hubby!
  16. No person is perfect on this earth and I am far away from being perfect. But still thank you for choosing me as your life partner. Love you the most..
  17. Thank you being such an exceptional husband and lover. I feel myself extremely lucky to have a perfect husband like you. I love you a lot..
  18. You are my soulmate! You are my best friend! You are my everything! I love you the most in my life..
  19. I don’t have words to express my love for you. But still I love you. And yes, I love you much more than this..
  20. Baby you make me complete. You are my other half. I love you.
  21. The very first time when I saw you I realized that yes, this is the one! Thanks for being my soulmate. I love you darling..
  22. Dear husband you are my happy place. You are the reason I am always happy. I love you a lot.....
  23. Thank you hubby for being my constant source of love and support. Darling you are loved a lot!
  24. You are the best husband that a wife desires for. I feel so complete with you. Love you the most!
  25. I feel blessed to have a husband who works all day hard to fulfill the needs of his family. Love you!
  26. Falling in love with you is the most amazing thing that has ever happened to me in my life. Love you the most..
  27. Your love for me is flawless. And you always make me feel special. I love you baby.
  28. I want to live with you till eternity. I love you.
  29. Our relationship is not only made up of attraction and lust only but is full of honesty, care and affection. Love you baby
  30. Every day of my life is perfect because it starts and ends with you. I love you.
  31. Each day my love for you keeps on growing. You are the world to me. I love you my dear husband...
  32. You are a husband who forgets everything to give me a bright future. Love you my darling husband.
  33. I guess other husbands should learn how to become a perfect husband from you. I love you my cutie pie.
  34. Your love makes me feel as if I am the most beautiful girl in this world. I love you..
  35. You are the one who knows how to make me smile.Thank you so much for being so loving, caring and affectionate husband. I love you my hubby..
  36. I thank god everyday for blessing me a husband like you. You deserve an award for being the best husband in the whole world. Love you..
  37. You are the man I was waiting for. You are a great man and moreover an amazing husband. I love you..
  38. I cant forget the day when you hold me in your arms and had our first kiss. I love you baby!
  39. I appreciate having a person like you in my life. I love you my dear husband...
  40. Even if we are opposites of each other but still you know that opposites always attract each other. I love you a lot.
  41. Thank you for being you and sharing your love with me. Love you my sweet husband.
  42. You are the man of my dreams. Love you baby!

Its time to tell your hubby how much he means to you. I am sure he will definitely love this. Pick an appropriate I love you message for your husband and convey your love towards him.

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