Romantic Love Quotes For Wife from Husband

Romantic Love Quotes For Wife from Husband

Romantic Love Quotes For Wife from Husband
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Show to your wife how romantic you are and how much do you love her by sending romantic love quotes and messages. Being a husband, it is your responsibility to keep your wife happy all the times. Nothing is better than sendinga romantic love message. This will not only bring smile on her face but will also fill new fragrance in your life. So bring magic in your married life by sending below given love quotes for wife from husband.


  1. You are the one behind my success. Your motivation and inspiration has pushed me on the way to success. I love you my wifey!
  2. Thank you for accepting me as your husband. My dear wife, I love you so much!
  3. Dear wifey I am lucky to have you as my wife. Thanks my love for everything!
  4. Its hard for me to imagine my life without you. You are my soulmate! My better half! My love! I love you so much..
  5. I must have done something really good in my life because I have got a wife like you.

    Darling you are the best wife..
  6. Thanks for illuminating my life with your love. You have been a blessing in my life I must say. I love you so much baby..
  7. No matter how many years have been passed since we have got married but the love between us has remain the same. Love you my dear wife..
  8. You are a special gift sent to me from heaven. I have always loved you, love you and will always love you till my last breath.
  9. Nothing can provide me the calmness that your eyes provide. I love you..
  10. All the days that we have spent together are worth living. Loving you and marrying you is the best decision that I have taken in my life. Dear wifey you are loved a lot..
  11. I am glad that you are my wife. All I want to do us fill your life with lots of happiness and laughter. You are loved from the bottom of my heart.
  12. I am lucky that your mine. I don’t say it often but yes I love you.. I love you a lot baby!
  13. Watching you smile brightens my whole day baby. I love you, my wife..
  14. Whenever I try to confess my love for you I feel myself short of words. But that doesn’t mean that I don’t love you. I love you from the bottom of my heart..
  15. My world got changed since you have entered my life. Words cannot describe how much you mean to me.
  16. Darling you have added colors to my life. You are the reason behind this smiling face. Wifey! You are loved a lot..
  17. The day I saw you I realized that you are going to be my someone special. But yes, thanks for accepting me and being my better half. I love you..
  18. Inspite if so many imperfections you still chose me to be your wife. I am ready to do everything for you. I love you so much..
  19. I know I am not perfect. But still I keep on trying to be a perfect husband for a perfect wife like you. I love you deeply. Lots of hugs and kisses to you..
  20. You are not only the mother of my children but also the queen of my life- my better half! I love you sweetheart.
  21. Despite of having so many ups and downs in our life. We are still together and faced every obstacle together. I love you my wife.
  22. I have made many mistakes in my life. But everything started happening right since the day I met you. Thanks for being my soulmate. I love you darling.
  23. Sometimes I need to cross check whether its real that you are with me as my wife. I love you darling!
  24. Loving you is the best thing that I have done in my life till now. And I would love to do this till the end of my life. I love you mu dearest wife..
  25. You may be my wife for the whole world. But for me you are my world. I love you so much!
  26. I don’t have words to express my love for you. But if you don’t mind I can express my love with hugs and kisses. I love you..
  27. My darling wife I want to dance with you on the music that sounds forever. Love you..
  28. No matter how hard my day was. But when I see you smile my tiredness goes far away from me. Baby you are special for me. I love you..
  29. When I am in office I think about  your smile and coming home to you.
  30. Having you in my life gives me a reason to thank god everyday. Love you a lot! Kiss you…
  31. For me everyday is a blessing of god because I get a chance to spend my day with you. Love you!
  32. In my eyes, you will be perfect always. I am lucky to find a treasure like you.. love you a lot..
  33. I cant stop myself from loving you and caring for you. I have got the best girl as my wife. Love you..

Try these I love you messages and quotes on your wife and watch out how her heart melts for you. 

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