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I Miss You Quotes and Messages for Girlfriend

I Miss You Messages for Girlfriend

 I Miss You Quotes and Messages for Girlfriend
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It feels sad when the love of your life i.e. your girlfriend is not around you. Are you lucky enough to have a girlfriend in your life whom you love so much? There may be any reason behind missing your girl. But let her know how much you love and miss her. The underlying article consists of a unique collection of I miss you messages for girlfriend. Hope that it proves to be useful to you.

 I Miss You Quotes and Messages for Girlfriend

  • Baby you are my favourite hello and worst goodbye. I miss you a lot. Lots of hugs for you..
  • Its good when you come towards me, but its worst when you have to go away. Baby you will be always loved! I miss you!
  • I don’t know how time passes when you are around. But these days I am missing you so much…Please meet me soon...
  • We are nothing without each other. I miss you a lot sweetheart..
  • I want to hold you tight and kiss you gently so that you can listen my heartbeat.

    I miss you..
  • You are a perfect example of a girl that every boy needs. Baby I love you and I miss you.. XOXO!
  • Who said I am okay? How can I be okay without you? I am missing you a lot darling…
  • You are thousands of kilometers away from me, but still when I close my eyes I can feel you in my arms. Baby can't wait anymore. You are being missed! I love you…
  • When we are together, times passes so fastly. But when you are not around it seems as if every second of the clock freezes. I wish these 2 days come to an end fastly. I miss you my love…
  • I feel like suffocating when you are not around. Your love is like oxygen to me. I miss you my queen. Sending you lots of hugs and kisses…
  • I just cant stop thinking of you darling. I am continuously imagining both of us. It’s a painful desperation babes… I miss you a lot…
  • I am not among that boyfriends who everytime says that I miss you. You know when I say I miss you that literally means I need you in front of me. I need you baby!
  • My every action reminds me of the beautiful memories spent together. I am incomplete without you baby. I miss you a lot..
  • Loving you was the most amazing experience. But missing you is the most painful experience. I miss you so much. Xoxo…
  • A day spent without you is like seeing no difference in me, whether I am alive or dead. I miss you a lot girl…
  • I am a strong boy. But baby, your love has melted me. I just cant stop crying in your absence. I need you back immediately. I miss you a lot..
  • I literally miss those days when we used to roam together, eat together and laugh together. I miss you darling. Please come back to me…
  • You have your name on my lips and your presence in my soul. So baby meet me ASAP. I miss you a lot….
  • Even you were wrong that day but still I am ready to accept you back in my life. I miss you and I love you a lot…
  • I deleted all those pictures that we had taken together. But I can't delete all our memories spent together. I miss you sweetheart!
  • It was easy to fall in love with you, but its impossible to be apart from you. Baby you are being missed. Come back soon!
  • Every morning I wake up with a hope that may this sunshine gives me an opportunity to see your beautiful face. I miss you darling…
  • I want to experience once again the feeling when we had our first kiss… when we had our first hug.. So baby please come back to my life as I miss you a lot...
  • I tried to vanish your memories from my brain, but how could I vanish my love for you in my heart. Baby I miss you..
  • Thinking about the times we have spent together brings a huge smile on my face. But realizing that we are not together brings tears to my eyes. I miss you badly…
  • Missing you baby is just like a nightmare for me. So please come back and meet me. I miss you a lot…
  • Every sunshine brings a hope that we will meet. But every evening reminds me of the darkness that lies ahead. I miss you baby…
  • I cant find a single moment when I cant find myself missing you. You are being missed princess.
  • Whenever I close my eyes, I see you. When I open them you are not there. So can imagine by yourself how much you are being missed by me. I miss you..
  • You are not with me these days and I am jealous of the people who get the chance to see you everyday. I miss you..
  • I miss your smile, I miss your face, I miss your touch, I miss your naughtiness. Baby you are missed a lot…

You might be missing your girlfriend. And there could be any reason behind that. Find out the right words that perfectly describes how much you are missing your girlfriend. 

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