Happy Birthday Auntie: 25 Birthday Wishes, Greetings and Quotes to Say Happy Birthday to an Auntie

25 Happy Birthday Wishes and Messages for a Dear Aunt

Happy Birthday Auntie: 25 Birthday Wishes, Greetings and Quotes to Say Happy Birthday to an Auntie
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Your Aunt Birthday is here! And you are looking for just a perfect yet single line to say her Happy Birthday. You are landed on right page. Here are 25 different birthday wishes for auntie, choose one of the following and greet your dear aunt in a special way!

An aunt is just like your mother. You are blessed if you have an auntie. Congratulate her on Birthday with a special message. I am sure your bonding with your aunt will get stronger when you send her a Birthday wish describing her personality and your sentiments.

  • You are an amazing part of my life! Happy Birthday my dear auntie! 
  • Wishing you life full of joy and happiness..Birthday wishes to a sweet aunt! 
  • You are my dear auntie who knows well how to brighten the world around! Happy Birthday auntie! 
  • May you celebrate thousands of more Birthdays with a happy heart and healthy body! Happy Birthday auntie! 
  • Best wishes for the year ahead to a gorgeous woman and beautiful soul..Happy Birthday Aunt! 
  • You are a fantastic aunt and a true friend…Happy Birthday Auntie! 
  • You become more beautiful on every Birthday…Stay beautiful, stay fit, Happy Birthday auntie! 
  • Happy Birthday my lovely aunt…Lets party hard on your special day and not to recall that you are growing old! 
  • Having an aunt like you is a pleasant feeling and a richful blessing! Happy Birthday Auntie… 
  • I really appreciate all the care and love you always give to me! Warm wishes to my sweetest aunt! 
  • Happy Birthday dear Aunt, you are my favorite and best aunt of the world! 
  • Wishing you a Birthday full of laughter and lots of smiles…Happy Birthday pretty Aunt! 
  • May you always shine like a superstar my dear Aunt..Happy Birthday! 
  • Dear Aunt, May you achieve everything whatever you desire! Happy Birthday! 
  • May you always look young day by day! May God give you a skin that nobody can predict your age! Happy Birthday to a Beautiful Auntie! 
  • I admire your ease and grace to handle everything in life! Happy Birthday to a graceful Aunt! 
  • Age brings fine lines but for you age carry sophistication and grace! Birthday wishes to a pretty Aunt! 
  • You are strong, you are loving and I am a big fan of your pleasant personality! Happy Birthday Auntie! 
  • Dear Auntie, You make me learn how to keep a balance in my life…May God give you more power..Happy Birthday! 
  • I love the way to live you taught me! You are my inspiration! Happy Birthday my smart Aunt! 
  • Wishing you good health, excellent luck and fit life…Stay blessed my dear aunt! Happy Birthday! 
  • I wish you stay yourself as you always do Auntie! Happy Birthday my sweet Aunt.. 
  • This is the time to celebrate infinite traits you have! You are kind, You are smart…Happy Birthday to a wonderful persona.. 
  • Happy Birthday to a perfect guardian…You are my role model Auntie.. 
  • Dear Aunt, You are a great woman and you have a special place in my life..Happy Birthday..May God always bless you.. 

Send these quotes to your loving aunt and see the smile they give you in return. I hope your aunt like these beautifully crafted birthday wishes for her. 

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