Get Well Soon Messages, Quotes and Notes for Colleagues

Get Well Soon Messages for Colleagues

Get Well Soon Messages, Quotes and Notes for Colleagues
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Has any of your co- worker fallen ill? Are you looking for get well soon messages for your co-workers? Here in this article we have gathered a unique collection of such get well soon messages for your co- workers. So send some of the get well soon wishes to let your co- worker know that he/she is being missed at the company.

Get Well Soon Messages, Quotes and Notes for Colleagues

  • Dear stay at home and take proper rest. You are my favourite colleague. I just wish that you recover fast and join us asap. Get well soon!
  • Please don’t come to work until and unless you get alright. Get well soon..
  • The whole office is missing you. We are all eagerly waiting that when you will join us all in lunch time.

    Get well soon..
  • Its not just about company’s infrastructure that makes a company good. Its colleagues like you that makes working in a company good. Get well soon. We wish a speedy recovery for you..
  • Dear you know what? I miss you a lot. There is no body else in this company who would help me in this absence. Get well soon..
  • The day since you are absent in the company feels like there is no inspiration, motivation and encouragement in office. We all miss you. Get well soon and be at work..
  • I know, very well why have you fallen sick, just because you wanted all your work done by us. So that all your workload becomes less. Please come back soon because we all miss you..
  • We have lots of projects to be completed. But without your guidance its really difficult. So please get well soon. The whole company prays for a faster recovery.
  • While the whole company is worried about how to manage the work in your absence, I am worried about my happiness and that is you. Get well soon..
  • Please get well soon and get back to work because in your absence I will get sick by working all alone in this office.
  • The whole company agrees that your absence is irreplaceable. Get well soon and join us back..
  • I have completed your share of work but how would I complete your share of laughter and happiness that you spread in office. Get well soon!
  • For the company you might be an employee, for your team you might be a team member. But for me you are true friend. I miss you.. get well soon..
  • You are the best colleague who helped me in bringing the best out of me. Please come back soon and get well..
  • You have always been my best friend. I miss your presence. Please get well soon..
  • Please get well soon. The entire office is already missing you..
  • Please get well soon because I need you here in the office to do all my work. I wish a faster recovery for you..
  • I know you are in need of hospital this time as you are sick. But I am more in need of you at this time. I miss you deeply. Please join us and get well soon..
  • I am really sorry to hear that you are unwell.  I wish you a quick recovery.
  • Please get better soon. All your colleagues are thinking about you and wishing a fast recovery for you..
  • I will always be there to stand by your side. I wish to welcome you back at work soon with a good health.
  • I wish you join work back with a good health as you are my source of inspiration. Hoping that you feel 100% better soon..
  • It really feels great to have such a confident colleague like you. Just take care of yourself and get well soon…
  • Its really sad to know that such a hard working colleague like you is unwell and will not attend office for coming days. I wish a fast recovery for you .
  • This message is just to let you know that how much the entire company is missing you. So please get well soon and meet us!
  • The office isn’t fun and exciting without your presence. The whole company wishes for your faster recovery. Take care!
  • Dear colleague, I am sending you all my warm wishes for you to recover from your poor health.
  • For my dearest colleague, I wish a faster recovery for you. In your absence I am not able to work properly. So please be back and take the burden of your work.
  • The office without you seems so dull. You are the only colleague who makes every other co worker smile. So please be back to work. Get well soon…
  • At the time of your sickness, the whole company is messaging you to let you know your responsibilities and duties. Your presence is deeply missed by all members.

So make your co- worker feel better by sending get well soon messages. Let them know how sad the whole company feels in their absence. Also let them know that you feel happy when your co- worker is around you. 

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