Get Well Soon Messages, Quotes and Notes for Boyfriend

Get Well Soon Messages for Boyfriend

Get Well Soon Messages, Quotes and Notes for Boyfriend
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If your boyfriend is sick and is not feeling well you also feel unwell. When you come to know that your loved one is not feeling well is the most saddest news to know about. So in order to make your boyfriend feel better send some get well soon messages in order to encourage him and make him feel better. Get well soon messages will help you to express your love and care you have for your boyfriend.

Get Well Soon Messages, Quotes and Notes for Boyfriend

  • As you are suffering from cold, I know you wont allow me to kiss you. But you cant stop me from expressing my love that I have for you. Get well soon baby!
  • If hugs and kisses would cure you, I will send hundreds of them for you so that you never fall ill in future too. Get well soon and I love you!
  • Its 2 days since we have not met each other. I miss your cuddles. Get well soon.

  • I miss being together and having fun. I just cant wait to see you. So please baby get well soon and meet each other.
  • Nothing can stop us from being together. So as you are hospitalized, I will be there for you and even take selfies on your sick bed. This would also be one of the memorable additions to my gallery. Get well soon!
  • Your office is waiting for work, your friends are waiting for party. But most importantly I am waiting for your hugs. Get well soon darling.
  • Sickness may keep you away from me for some days, but let me tell you and your sickness that you are mine forever. Get well soon baby.
  • Why are you worrying baby? My hugs and kisses are going to take all the bitterness of medicine that you are taking these days. I wish for a fast recovery. Xoxo..
  • I can also feel your sickness. Because we both may have separate bodies but being soulmates our heart beats as one. Get well soon baby!
  • With your sickness you have got an excuse for your friends to miss you and your girlfriend to kiss you. So please baby get well soon!
  • The selfies in my phone are missing you a lot. Get well soon baby..
  • Just as medicines provide a healing effect to you the same way your hugs provide healing effect to me. Baby get well soon and meet me..
  • Why are you spending so much on your medicines? All you need is a big kiss from me. Hehe..Get well soon!
  • I hate it when you are unwell. I just hope that you get well soon. Please, please, please get well soon baby..
  • The sickness that you are suffering from is temporary, but my love for you is permanent. Love yeah! And get well soon darling.
  • I know we are apart now as you are sick. Get well soon darling.
  • I know you are down with the flu, so rest well and relax. Love you much. Get well soon!
  • I have been missing you a lot dear. I just pray to god that may you get well soon. I am sending my hug for you..
  • I know baby you are in pain right now. Get well soon my love! I have a surprise for you..
  • Your absence makes me feel incomplete. Please get well soon really quick.
  • Dear honey I wish you a fast recovery and be to your normal life soon. Just hope to see you in a good health soon…
  • I know you are not well and hate eating medicines. So am sending some kisses to you hope they act as medicines for you. Muuuaahhhh!
  • Ask your doctor to add 2 hugs twice a day from my side in your prescription. Hope it will help you in feeling much better.
  • Your doctor is unaware if how dangerous girlfriend you have. Just tell him that I wont spare him if you don’t recover fast. Get well soon baby!
  • My life has stopped since I have not been able to see your smiling face from the past 3 days. So I wish a faster recovery for you.
  • My body can easily feel the pain that you are suffering from. I know u can bear it. But just think of me, I cant bear it anymore. So please take care of yourself and recover fast baby. Get well soon!
  • I cant feel myself well until and unless I see you back on your feet. I am continuously thinking about you. So please baby get well soon..
  • My day seems to be incomplete without having long talks with you. Really miss our old chats baby. Please recover fast..
  • I didn’t knew that even bacteria and virus are so much attracted to you, just like me. Lol.. darling get well soon..
  • Next time I wont allow any bacteria to touch you. I would wrap you in my arms and protect you. Baby you are missed a lot! So please get well soon..
  • I an gonna beat all these bacteria present in your body and throw then out. Baby get well, fast..
  • I feel myself as a mobile without an internet connection in your absence. Feel well soon bae. Xoxo..

Your boyfriend may sometimes need some words of love, care and encouragement. So use the above given get well soon messages to cheer your boyfriend up and get him to be and stay better.

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