Funny Motivational Quotes For Work

Funny Motivational Quotes for Work to Boost Employee Moral in Funny Way

Funny Motivational Quotes For Work
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Success is the result of hard work. In order to be successful in life learn to accept failure. Here are my funny motivational quotes for work. These quotes will both motivate you and make you smile. Have fun reading..

Funny Motivational Quotes For Work

Discover my collection on funny motivational quotes for work. When we are surrounded by hurdles, obstacles and challenges in our life, we require motivation. During such times we need something that motivates us. It is the right motivation only that ignites the fire in you to do work. I guess even much better option is to have funny motivational quotes. These funny quotes will definitely boost your motivation.

For this I have compiled a collection of funny motivational quotes for work. Read and share them on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter etc.

  1. You should work hard because you are unique just like every body else is..Lol..
  2. Opportunity always knocks your door. But sometimes you are deaf enough not to hear it.
  3. If you have not succeeded in doing something right, you have succeeded in doing something wrong. After all this is success that matters the most, no matter what type of it is.
  4. Inspire the people around you before you expire. Lol..
  5. Its better to be somebody than being nobody these days. Lol! Jokes apart! Start working hard.
  6. Do you think yourself too small to bring some difference? Then compare yourself to a mosquito. You will better know the difference..
  7. If plan A didn’t worked, don’t worry. There are still 25 more letters to do. Lol..
  8. The word impossible is found in the dictionary of fools.So keep on trying until you become the best..
  9. If this time you are saying that you are thinking, then you might be thinking something really big. Apply this to your work and the succes will be yours..
  10. Be insane or remain the same..
  11. You are responsible for the energy you bring to your work.
  12. Opportunity will not come to you on its own. Keep on beating the door until you find one.
  13. The person who keeps on making attempts in life is able to achieve even impossible things.
  14. There might be many traffic jams in the way to success. But you have to be patient and follow the rule of never giving up in life.
  15. In order to get best things in your life you will have to get off your ass.Try, try until you succeed..
  16. Instead of wasting your precious time in explaining the reason to the people that why you did it wrong, start doing things in a right way...
  17. The best things in life are not easy. They are really expensive. In order to achieve the best, be the best!
  18. You can’t have everything in your life. If you will have everything, where are you going to put it all down? Lol..
  19. Don’t worry about making wrong decisions about work. Wrong decision would make a good story for others to remember. Lol..
  20. You can’t use elevator in order to reach heights of success. In order to be at the top you will have to use stairs. One step at a time has to be followed..
  21. Always do nice for your co worker and expect the same.
  22. Motivation is oxygen into your life. Don't let it to be carbon dioxide.
  23. Don't worry about those who talk behind your back. Even you do so.
  24. Start finding humor in difficult situations and eventually you will win some day.
  25. I wonder why you always be an electron.. always negative! Be a proton and think positive! You will definitely reach heights of success in your life.
  26. Be happy in your life with your work and i promise this single thing would make people crazy of you.. 
  27. If you have ever failed in your work and you are regretting about that, don’t waste your time by thinking so. Think as if you have done it in a different way. Lol..
  28. Even a clock is at right angle two times a day. So how could you expect people to be right everytime.
  29. If work pressure gives you lemon, make yourself a lemonade and enjoy it..
  30. It is well said that follow your heart. But while following heart don't forget to follow your brain.
  31. Chill working for 8 hours a day. Because you may eventually be a boss someday.
  32. Give a little spark of madness in your work. You will enjoy your work.. 
  33. Dreams dont work unless you do.
  34. What if life shuts door? Ummm open it again and start working.
  35. If your mind is negative you will never get positive results.
  36. Why cry over a sad day? Even the worst day has only 24 hours.
  37. Be the master because master has failed more times while the beginner has not even tried.
  38. Money can’t make you happy. But still everybody of us wants to have enough of it. Lol! Anyhow, the money that you earn by working hard is the only thing that makes you satisfied and happy.. 
  39. Don’t follow someone else both because I am damm sure you would get lost. Make your own way and follow it...
  40. You are never worried about the right work. You are always worried about the things that might go wrong. And this mentality of yours makes a difference..
  41. Failure gives success a different flavour. So don't be afraid of it and enjoy its different flavours..
  42. People say nothing is impossible but they are unaware that even impossible says I am possible.
  43. You have to pay for your sins. If you have already paid kindly ignore it. Lol..
  44. Kill people with your success. I am sure this would drive other people ass buried.
  45. No matter how difficult your work is. Always laugh as its free of cost medicine.
  46. Sometimes you think that I can’t do this thing then on the other hand you laugh as you always think the same..
  47. Every body of us makes mistakes in our life. Because life never came with instructions. Lol..

Motivation can bring a great difference in your life. More the fun is associated with motivating yourself the more boosted you will feel and more powerful will be the results.

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