40 Funny Love Quotes and Love Memes For Him

Funny Love Quotes For Him and Love Memes for Him

40 Funny Love Quotes and Love Memes For Him
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Sometimes we are in need to tell him how much we love him, yet the right words simply may not come to us. But this time lets try it in a unique manner. Express your love to your boyfriend in some funny way by using the below given hilarious funny love quotes and love memes that may put a smile on his face.

Funny Love Quotes & Love Memes For Him

  1. No vitamin A, no vitamin B, you have a deficiency of vitamin me. Lol....
  2. Cuddle me fast because I am feeling cold. Need your body’s heat.... :)
  3. I want to spend every minute of my life with you and irritate you every second.
  4. I always love you.. umm yeah! But except yesterday. You were quite irritating.
  5. You are the most handsome man.

    But frankly speaking you were looking horrible yesterday.
  6. People usually say its not easy to find perfect guy. How could a girl find one when the perfect guy is already with me....
  7. I promised to respect you, be polite with you but yes today I am yelling because I am feeling hungry..
  8. You are the most sexiest man in this world. But please don’t say me to prove that. I am 99.9% sure that I would fail..
  9. I know why you work out every day. Its just because you want to look as sexy as I am. Right baby?
  10. Thank you for loving me with messy hairs, makeup on my face and a bad breath. But still you say you love me..
  11. I am happy for you as you have got the most sexiest girlfriend.... :)
  12. I love when we both kiss. Because that is the only time when your mouth is shut atleast for some seconds.
  13. Lets grow old with each other and count the wrinkles on each other’s face together.
  14. Marry me baby! Because I will have a permanent man to annoy my whole life..
  15. I am with you to remind you that your zipper is open. Lmao..
  16. I can understand why you feel jealous! If I would also have got girlfriend as hot as I am, then probably I would have got jealous.
  17. I was missing you yesterday. I cuddled the pillow then. But I had a sound sleep because pillow didn’t spoke a single world as you do the whole night.
  18. Okay I know I am a modern girl. But don’t think of gender equality in paying bills too. You are going to pay them all alone.
  19. You know kissing burns calories? So you wanna try this workout?
  20. Don’t you feel yourself lucky to get a girl exactly as you used to see in your dreams since you were child. Lucky or damm lucky?
  21. You have a great choice boy! Me as your girlfriend definitely shows your choice. Highly appreciated!
  22. I need chocolates first then kiss!
  23. Our relationship is quite in track. Because you agree whatever I say. And u say what ever you have to do next..
  24. Our relationship is based on simple funda. Break my heart and get ready to get a broken jaw.
  25. Hey boy! You are my favourite. But besides chocolates.
  26. You know when your lips touch mine, I can easily guess what you had in your meal. Lol..
  27. My love for you is just like diarrhoea. It becomes difficult to control.
  28. When I am happy I have a sound sleep on my pillow, when I am sad I weep on my pillow. So what is your purpose? Isn’t it better to buy a new pillow for myself?
  29. You know you talk a lot. Will you be quiet if I kiss you once?
  30. My love for you is not less than a fart. Hehehe....
  31. I feel like suffering from asthma when ever you are around. Because each time we kiss you take my breath away..
  32. You are like my car who always drive me crazy...
  33. Our relationship is like Wi-Fi. We always have a strong connection.
  34. Can I borrow a kiss from you? I promise you that I will give it back.
  35. You can fall from bed, from roof, from tree. But I guess falling in love with me would be probably the best decision.
  36. We both share a strong chemistry. That is the only reason I treat you like toxic waste sometimes.
  37. Lets do a crime together and be partners in crime. You steal my heart and I will steal yours..
  38. When I am with you, I not only feel butterflies, I feel the whole zoo.
  39. You know why didn’t I spoke to you for the last two days! Because I didn’t wanted to interrupt you..
  40. Why to shower separately? Lets bath together and save water..

Instead of being perfect, just be funny when expressing your love to him. Express whenever it comes from your heart and when you care for him. I am sure he is going to love you more than ever.. :)

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