Exciting Invitation Messages and Quotes for Baby Shower

Exciting Baby Shower Invitation Messages and Quotes

Exciting Invitation Messages and Quotes for Baby Shower
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Expecting a baby is not less than a celebration for the entire family. And hosting a baby shower ceremony is the best way to celebrate the arrival of the baby on the way. So in this article we have collected a unique collection of invitation messages for the baby shower ceremony. Have a look at them.

Exciting Invitation Messages and Quotes for Baby Shower 

  • Finally its time to welcome new baby to this world. So you all are invited to shower your blessings to mom-to-be and her baby.
  • Come, join us in welcoming our new child with lots of love.
  • The child is on the way. So please join us in making mom-to-be and the child feel extra special.
  • Come join us in kicking off our new journey by showering your blessings to the baby to born.
  • We are welcoming our second child to this world. So you are cordially invited to the baby showering ceremony at our residence.
  • We have planned for another baby to make our family complete. So please join us and double the joy of welcoming the new born in this world.
  • Is it he or she? So to know that please join us to the baby shower ceremony with your warm wishes and blessings..
  • Lets see who rules the house this time. A baby boy or a baby girl? We will soon find it out.

    Till then we have planned for baby shower ceremony. You are cordially invited. Please join us.
  • Its almost the time of our new baby to arrive in this world. So join us in showering mom-to-be and the new blossom with lots of love and blessings.
  • The new baby is on the way so we have planned mommy to be to ne showered few days before the delivered date. Please come to the baby shower ceremony…
  • A small little precious gift has been sent by the god to our house. But its on the way. So why not shower the baby with the gifts. You are invited to attend the baby shower ceremony.
  • Finally a new born baby is going to be with us in our arms with whom we can cuddle and love. Please join us for the baby shower ceremony with lots of love and blessings.
  • Come join the celebration of showering our baby with lots of wonder and joy.
  • We have organised a baby shower ceremony in the honour of baby to born. Please join us with lots of love and blessings…
  • Lets adore baby to born and mommy to be with lots of blessings and gifts. You all are cordially invited to attend the baby shower ceremony.
  • Its time to shower the baby with gifts before his new life begins. Kindly join us in the baby shower ceremony.
  • Kindly join us in Showering mom-to-be with love and good wishes at the baby shower ceremony.
  • We don’t know whether its gonna be a baby boy or a baby girl. But lets shower mom-to-be with lots of love and blessings before the delivery day.
  • Cars or trucks, ribbons or bows, frocks or jeans? No one knows! Please join us for the baby shower ceremony..
  • 10 little fingers and 10 little toes, what is growing inside the womb, nobody knows. So you are invited to attend the baby shower ceremony in honour of ___
  • The mom-to-be is expanding day by day. So lets be together and shower her with our blessings, wishes, love and lots of gifts before the day.
  • ___ is expecting a new baby. So its time to shower mom-to-be with all our love and blessings. Kindly join us and double the joy!
  • Soon mom-to-be will have a tiny and cute little baby in her lap. Before that lets shower the mom-to-be and prepare her for the big day..
  • Please join us in celebrating the birthdays of the new baby to born. Kindly join us in showering our blessings to both mom-to-be and the new born baby.
  • The honour of your presence is required at baby showering ceremony of___
  • Diapers, clothes, toys… Do you think __ needs anything else for her baby boy? Please join us to the baby showering ceremony of our new baby at our residence.

Baby shower ceremony is a memorable day for the mother-to-be. So plan a baby shower ceremony for the baby and mom-to-be. And everything starts with the invitation. So select an appropriate invitation message to invite the guests to the baby showering ceremony.

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