46 Quotes When In Pain

Quotes while experiencing pain in life

46 Quotes When In Pain
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Getting over some pain in your heart is difficult, but I hope that my underlying collection on quotes when in pain will surely help you in dealing with this pain.

46 Quotes When In Pain

According to me, the more we will experience pain the more we will become stronger in our life. Pain is a n ever lasting feeling that we can’t abolish from our life but definitely can change our scenario of dealing with it. So to heal the pain in your heart my collection on quotes when in pain will surely help you along the way.

  1. The pain of a broken heart is the worst. It feels like as if your ribs are broken.
  2. I still remember each and every moment spent with you. But the worst part is remembering all those moments kills me deep inside.
  3. I wish I could also hurt you the same way as you did. But I won’t because that won’t leave any difference between me and you.
  4. Forgetting the person you loved the most gives your heart the worst pain.
  5. Life is short so don’t waste it in pain only.
  6. It hurts when I realize that I am no more important to you.
  7. I don’t think that you will ever understand the feelings that my heart holds for you.
  8. I am in pain.

    Yes I am! Watching you everyday with someone else kills me deep inside.
  9. Just for once I want to hug to tight and talk like old times because that could really heal my heart pain.
  10. No gain without pain.
  11. When in pain develop some strength in you to overcome all the pain.
  12. Be patient and calm, because someday this pain of yours will be helpful to you.
  13. Love is the only thing that recovers our all pain and makes us feel good again.
  14. The pain of losing someone can be understood by that person only who has lost someone close to his heart in his life.
  15. Pain changes people either in positive or negative way.
  16. A true friend of yours is one who can see the pain in your heart when all others see the smile on your face.
  17. The most painful goodbyes never have any words to explain.
  18. I have to laugh all the time to hide my pain from the people around me.
  19. It is not always the butterflies in your stomach that make you realize that you are in the feeling of love but your pain.
  20. Don’t be so sensitive to pain. The more you will be sensitive towards it the more it will torture you.
  21. It is the pain that makes you strong in your life.
  22. Always remember that joy and pain are the two sides of the same coin. Joy wouldn’t seem so good without pain.
  23. Don’t worry from the pain. The pain of today will become your strength of tomorrow.
  24. The worst pain is when you have to smile continuously in front to someone to prevent  your tears.
  25. Pain and joy are companions of each other.
  26. No body wants pain in their life. Every body of us wants to have constant source of happiness in our life.
  27. More stronger the pain in your heart is, the more silent you become.
  28. There is no feeling of love without any pain in it. And if there is no pain in loved, sorry but you are not in love.
  29. Pain is temporary in your life. You don’t have to quit. Because once you quit, you quit permanently in your life.
  30. Pain is the only thing that helps you feel that you are still alive.
  31. Pain helps you in learning some important chapters of your life.
  32. Why you people are so afraid of pain? Its not going to kill you. It will only hurt you.
  33. Pain is temporary. It will not last more than a minute, an hour , a day or a month. But don’t quit and learn to face all the challenges.
  34. Don’t love me more because this would give me pain someday.
  35. One of the biggest solutions to solve your pain is to have a big smile on your face.
  36. Let one pain cure another pain.
  37. The sudden change in your attitude gives a deep pain to my heart.
  38. Don’t be the cause of someone’s pain, it would be better to be someone’s cause of happiness.
  39. Don’t give anybody any sort of pain but try to take that pain away from that person.
  40. If God has chosen you to give pain then you might be strong enough to bear it. So don’t run away and learn to endure it.
  41. If a person is strong enough to handle the pain that doesn’t mean that you hurt him every time by giving him much more pain.
  42. Sometimes pain breaks a person from inside in such a way that he starts feeling alone, depressed and broken.
  43. Learn to endure the pain because it’s not permanent. Deal with it with great courage.
  44. Develop a strong heart in you which is strong enough to bear all the pain.
  45. If you love someone then please don’t fill his heart with any sort of pain.
  46. Some pain hurt you will other change you from within.

So defeat your pain by being stronger. Most of the people I have seen quit from the pain without even dealing with it. But once you develop the courage to deal with it, you will definitely become stronger.


My aim behind writing quotes when in pain was just to inspire you and develop the courage inside you to deal with pain. If you appreciate my quotes kindly help me in promoting these so that these inspirational messages could easily reach to more number of people.
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