41 Sad Memory Quotes

Past memories that make you sad quotes

41 Sad Memory Quotes
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Human life is composed of both joys and sorrows. You don’t know when you will be happy and when sad. Today you might be happy and tomorrow sad. There are some moments in our life that we wish to cherish them  forever and there are some that are so sad and leave their trace for rest of our life.

41 Sad Memory Quotes

Life blesses us with a blend of tears and joy. The bitter truth is that we have some memories in our life that are very difficult to forget. The memories of those sad days are carried with us till our last breath. It’s not easy to forget such memories and move ahead in life. So here  I have clubbed up a beautiful collection on sad memories of life. Hope you will like it.

  1. When you fall down it hurts.

    But it doesn’t hurt that much as knowing that there is no one for you to raise you up.
  2. You never told me how much you loved me. Now its too late.
  3. I knew that I had never a chance of being with you but still watching you with someone else generated a deep pain in my heart.
  4. I had many dreams in life, but all ruined just because of you. Just because I chose you instead of them.
  5. The worst memory of life is when you love someone who loves someone else and that someone is not you.
  6. These are the sad memories that causes the most of the pain .
  7. Just forget the sad memories of your life, because I believe this is the only way of being happy in the forthcoming life.
  8. You can’t change your past. So what’s the fun of regretting for it and thinking about the sad memories of life.
  9. Don’t let these bad memories of your life spoil your future. Infact learn a lesson from them, implement them and make yourself strong enough.
  10. Sad memories come in every person’s life. The only thing you can do is press delete button and delete them permanently from the chapter called life.
  11. The happiness that you will get by burning your bad memories will provide you the happiness that no other good memory of life can.
  12. No one is perfect. Everyone makes many mistakes in life. But wise is the person who don’t let these bad memories leave an impact on his present and future.
  13. Sad memories of life is one of the keys to happiness.
  14. If you want to make a new start, leave behind all the sad memories of your life.
  15. Erase all the sad chapters from the book called life and rewrite them.
  16. A sad memory always ruin a song that is close to my heart.
  17. Start your new day with a new hope leaving behind all the bad and sad memories of your life.
  18. Leave behind the sad memories that are an obstacle in your path to success.
  19. A right person plays a great role in erasing the sad memories from our life. He’s the one who erases them from our head and hearts.
  20. Happy memories become good times and sad memories become good lessons.
  21. There is always a song that re generates all the sad memories of your life.
  22. Leave all the sad memories behind and make a new start by having faith in a better tomorrow.
  23. Don’t let these sad memories of your life stop you from living your life to the fullest.
  24. My past consists of no sad memories. It only consists of important lessons that motivate me to do better in my future.
  25. Don’t think of the sad memories of your life. Just bury them..
  26. I wish I could delete all the sad memories of my life just by pressing a  single button.
  27. Whatever makes you feel sad, leave it back…
  28. Bad and sad memories of your life will play often, but it depends on whether you want to see it or not. If no, change the channel.
  29. Only a single song is enough to play all the sad memories of your life.
  30. Where happiness resided once, now only sad memories reside.
  31.  Sad memories are bad, but believe me, good memories are the worst.
  32. Its hard to move on I your life when memories pull you back.
  33. Sad memories are like onions. They will make you cry only if you keep your eyes open.
  34. Sad memories destroy us deep inside.
  35. Erase all the sad memories of your life.
  36. Every memory is to be remembered. Yes every! Even sad memories.. Because they clearly depicts of something that you once thought was good.
  37. Forget the existence of the sad memories from your life.
  38. Forget the sad memories that hurt you, but never forget the lesson that they taught you.
  39. I have many sad memories in my life that are even longer than a road where I can’t actually see its end.
  40. I wish it would have been easier to delete all the sad memories from my life.
  41. Don’t forget the sad memories, remember them but without any pain..

Sad memories will never fade. These are the sad memories only that help you in shaping your future. Always remember that this good and bad has made you what you are today..

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