31 Cute Son Quotes From Mother

Quotes From Mother to Son

31 Cute Son Quotes From Mother
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Mothers play an important role in the life of their sons, sometimes even more tan a father. Mother is the one who understands all the problems of her child. Are you looking for some quotes from a mother to her son? The below article consists of a unique collection of such mother son quotes and sayings.

31 Cute Son Quotes From Mother

  • My little boy you have grown from a small kid into a man. You have always brought so much pride to me and your father. We both love you!
  • Having a son is good but having a son like you is the best. You have always made us proud in every part of life. Your mommy loves you!
  • No matter how old you become but you will always remain mama’s boy and nothing will ever change my love for you. I love you so much..
  • It is true that without me you wouldn’t be here and also without you, I wouldn’t be here. You have always been my source of happiness son.
  • Son, many a times I have scolded you but that doesn’t mean that my love for you less.

    Your mumma does everything for your betterment only..
  • I have always done my best to possess you with everything you need in your life. You will always remain my greatest joy!
  • Having a good son is one of the greatest things a mother can have. And I feel myself proud to have a son like you. Your mommy loves you, my son!
  • Son all I want you to learn from life is to remain positive in life and love everyone no matter what happens..
  • I thank god for possessing me with a strong son. You are one of mine valuable assets.
  • Dear son you are the reason of my happiness. Stay blessed always my dear son..
  • Dear son life is full of good and bad times. All I want from you is to learn from every situation. And yes your mother will always be there by your side to support you and guide you..
  • Thank you my son, I will always be proud to be your mom. You are a precious gem of my life.
  • Whenever I was sad, you were always there to comfort me and assure me not to worry. My son you are my strength. I love you.....
  • No one in this world can reduce the bond we both share. My dear son your mumma loves you a lot!
  • I feel myself lucky to have a caring, loving, passionate, obedient and hardworking son like you.
  • You are the best son any mother could ask for. Always remember that your mom will always wait for you to hold you until her end. 
  • I can't imagine how time has flown. My young little son has turned into a handsome boy. Your mom wishes good luck and happy moments for you. 
  • My son I pray may god blesses you with the strength to face challenges in life. I am so proud to be your mother..
  • I want you to be a brave man in your life and face every difficulty of life. My all prayers are with you!
  • I could easily feel your greatness when you were in my womb. My dear son, your mother loves you a lot.
  • To have a son like you is dream of every mother. And I feel myself blessed and proud to possess one. Your mommy is always there by your side my son.
  • My dear son your mumma is ready to give up everything in her life just to put a smile on your face. I love you my dear son..
  • I will always be there in your life and be the pillar of support at whom you can always rely. My dear son your mom is always here to help you out..
  • I got happiness in my life when doctor placed you in my arms. I love you more than the words can express my love for you..
  • No matter how bad my day is but everything gets better when I receive a hug from you my son. You are my everything!
  • Becoming mother of a son like you is the best gift that I have received from god. Your mother loves you a lot.
  • For me you are my most adorable child on this earth my dear son. I love you so much..
  • My dear son I love you more than you could imagine. Your mumma loves you from her soul and heart..
  • The day I had you in my arms was not less than a miracle for me. I will always treasure you in my heart.
  • I am proud to call you my son. You are forever in my heart. I love you so much..
  • No matter how old you become and how far we are. But we will always share an unbreakable bond. You will always remain my little prince and I will always love you.. 

Let your son know how much you love and care for him by sending above given quotes and sayings. He should know about the sacrifices you have made for him. 

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